HP ProLiant MicroServer

The HP ProLiant MicroServer is a small, quiet, and uniquely designed server that is ideal as a first server solution for micro and small businesses. With server-class performance in a compact form factor that is easy to use and service, the MicroServer is designed to help customers drive down expenses while improving productivity and efficiency.

Consumer Inspired

The HP ProLiant MicroServer's designed to be approachable but secure within a consumer styled form factor.  Consumer styling from household, automotive, and accent lighting were used as inspiration.

Easy Internal Access

The chassis is constructed to allow easy access to all internal components without the use of tools.  Maximizing the geometrical cube allowed us to reduce complexity when servicing is needed.

Customer Configured

Custom branding solutions were made possible with paintable doors and interchangeable branding.  Customers who desire more networking capacity can stack optional switches for growth.

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